Day one in Kuala Lumpur


After arriving in KL, I spent the rest of the day wandering around trying to get some bearings.

I had randomly booked a hotel 5 minutes away from KL Sentral, the train station you arrive at when you come from the airport. The Fajr prayer call just before 6 a.m. reminded me that Malaysia is a predominantly Islamic country. Oh well, it was a nice wake-up call.

I had found a food market inside KL Sentral on the day I arrived so I headed back there for breakfast. Curry rice at 9 a.m. - nice!

I went to the local Apple reseller to try and buy some Airpods but it seems all the shops are totally out of stock. The official online store has them in stock so I’ll place an order for delivery when I manage to find somewhere long term. What’s interesting is the cost. Apple products here are cheaper than the UK, so that’s pretty cool. I’m also on the look out for some Bose QC35s but they seem even harder to find.

I figured I’d spent the morning heading towards the Petronas Twin Towers. I bought a single-use token for the train and headed towards KLCC. It’s a nice system and I’ve heard getting a Touch ‘n Go card is even cheaper so I’ll probably grab one of them.

The Twin Towers are quite close to the train station and pretty spectacular. There was strong security around the base – for good reason I guess.

The park in front of the towers contains (apparently) the only decent running track in KL. It’s a nice surface but far away from where I’ll probably end up staying so I’ll have to find better alternatives.

A couple of friends had told me about a café called VCR. There was one close by, or so I thought. I tend to have this issue. Distances like 1 or 2km don’t sound like far but in this heat and being in a city, it takes much longer than you anticipate. I finally got there and ended up staying until around 1800. The coffee was good and the WiFi was decent. It got kind of loud so I could really have done with those QC35s!

I ended up walking home and went back into KL Sentral again. I had chicken rice at The Chicken Rice Shop before getting a message from a client that there were some server issues they needed me to look at so I rushed home to take a look.

That was pretty much the entirety of my first full day here. I spent the night watching Al Jazeera and answering emails.

One of the things I need to work on is becoming a little more comfortable and open to trying new things. All the food I ate yesterday was in the same mall, despite there being plenty of alternatives. I also waste a lot of time doing pointless things. Like walking to the café I’m writing this from sucked up an hour. I could have gone to a closer café, or taken a Grab for $1.50. Maybe these sort of things are good every so often, to see a little of the city, but I can’t be doing that every day.

I also think I’m too indecisive. I often find myself deciding to head towards somewhere, then start to divert somewhere else and then get tired, do neither of those things and waste time. I think finding and committing to somewhere for a period of time would be beneficial. I know there are many coworking spots in KL but then I need to decide on some accommodation close by. For me, that’s much harder because my brain is torn between having a nice place to live and being overly frugal. I think the latter is the issue here and I’m writing a blog post about it.

Plus, I keep comparing the accommodation I’m seeing to other places I’ve visited or lived and I just don’t think that’s right. You need to take each place on its own merit. The $200 accommodation I recently lived in in Chiang Mai was great, but you’re not going to find that here.

I’m sure I’ll continue to write about this but for now, onwards and upwards!