Ultramarathon training

On Tuesday, I started training for an ultramarathon. My goal is to run 50 miles (80km) sometime next year.

It wouldn't be my first ultramarathon, as I had already run 52km with my family and friends, but I would actually be training for it this time instead of winging it.

I am following the Runner's World 50-mile ultramarathon training plan. It is 16 weeks in length and eventually ramps up to back-to-back 10 miles and 32 miles days.

My biggest concern isn't my cardiovascular ability, as my triathlon training has really helped that, but rather my muscular endurance. A 50 miler is going to mean 9 or 10 hours of continual movement, which is a lot for the body to take.

One of the things I've got into recently is stretching often. I know that most of my injuries have come from lack of mobility so I'd like to try and avoid that wherever possible.

I hope to update my blog every so often with how I'm doing, as I love to read what other people are experiencing and so I want to contribute to that arena.

The plans gives Mondays off, so that was easy enough.

Tuesday was a 35 minute easy run. I ran an out-and-back course along a nice flat road in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Wednesday was a 6-8 mile (10-13km) easy run which ended up at 14.4km. My heart rate was surprisingly low, given the temperature and humidity, so I'm happy with it.

Today is a Strength + Conditioning day.