Tips for waking up early

I’d like to make it clear that this isn’t a guide on how to sleep 2 hours a day. Sleep is important so make sure your body gets the hours it needs.

Your brain is going to try and justify going back to sleep for a few more hours — make sure you resist this urge and keep it occupied. Don’t click snooze and exit the bedroom immediately.

Get up at the right time — You should be waking up during your lightest sleep phase. A sleep phase is generally 90 minutes long but you can download a sleep tracking app to find yours. Wake up during a multiple of this and you’ll find it is much easier.

Have a reason to get up — You’re going to be less inclined to make this a habit if you spend most of the morning sitting around on your phone. Go and exercise or get some chores done.

Don’t rely on things to wake you up — Coffee is fine but what happens if you run out? Don’t let a drink ruin your morning.

Go and watch the sunrise — Regardless of what I’m doing, I always take 5 minutes to watch the sunrise. It’s a lovely view and a nice reminder that the day is just beginning.

Have a good morning routine — even write it down. Plan out your morning like a military operation until it becomes something that just happens.

Note: these tips work for me but #iamnotaguru #iamnotanexpert etc.