DevOps engineer & ultra runner

What I'm currently running in

My run gear changes all the time. I'm currently travelling minimally so I only have one of everything. I wash them after use and they're dry by the next day.

  • Top: SUTRI (Southampton University Triathlon club) running vest.
  • Shorts: Kalenji Running Shorts: I have always ran in these. Super lightweight and they have a small fold-over inside pocket for keys. I'm looking for a pair of shorts with a large back pocket to fit my phone.
  • Socks: Karrimor Low Rise Ankle Sock: I love the minimal length but I'm looking for a purely synthetic sock so they dry quicker.
  • Shoes:
    • Saucony Ride ISO: After my Saucony Ride 10 started to tear down the side, I got in contact with Saucony who replaced them with this model. Essentially the same but with a different top fabric and lacing pattern.
    • Vibram KSO Evo: I recently picked these up to experiment with a more minimal running shoe. I alternate using these with the Saucony.
  • Watch: Garmin Fenix 3: Heavy-duty watch, can take a battering. I pair this with the MIO Heart Rate monitor to track my heart rate over ANT+.
  • Hat: IRONMAN baseball cap: Features a mesh back that I normally wear back-to-front to allow airflow and keep the sweat off my face.
  • Glasses: IRONMAN sunglasses: Feature polarized lenses to dampen the glare from the sun.
  • Race belt: Avantree Marathon running belt: Pretty cheap but my gels don't fit the holes and the pocket is only good enough for a handful of things.

I'm currently living in a region where the temperature never drops below 23c so I don't need warm clothes. As for the rain, it cools the temperature so you get some momentary relief.

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