A good experience with Saucony

My first running shoes were a pair of Saucony Ride 10. They had treated me well, getting me through Paris marathon and my 52km ultramarathon.

In June, I noticed that the mesh-like outer fabric was starting to split. Over the next few weeks, it was getting worse. I didn't really expect this as the shoes had only racked up a few hundred miles, and I'm mainly a road runner so it couldn't have got caught on any thorns or branches.

I got in contact with Saucony EU customer support. I described the issue and explained that I actually really liked the shoes, but was disappointing that a $150 shoe was splitting down the side.

Over several emails, I sent photos showing the wear on the shoes. They offered me a replacement pair of shoes, Saucony Ride ISOs, as the Ride 10s were no longer being manufactured. They are essentially the same shoe, but the outer fabric has changed to a stronger material. I got them delivered to a family member's place and they arrived the day before I flew to Bangkok.

I am happy with the customer service I received from Saucony and I am pleased to see they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy.