Fradley 10k


I’m writing this race report over 15 months after the event so it’s funny to look back and think about it. The Fradley 10k was my first ever race. I literally had no idea what I was doing and winged most of it. My pacing was totally off and my heart rate was sky high. I’m pretty proud of the time, considering my fitness in comparison to now.

The course was dead flat, 2 loops of 5km. My first kilometer was 3:55 min/km, something I’d never seen before back then – I think the adrenaline got to me. I broke PBs in everything, averaging 4:22 min/km overall. My average heart rate was 179bpm, with the entire event in Zone 4/5.

I was running with my friend and it was really starting to bite around 7km. I kept looking at him, mouthing “not long left”.

TIME: 00:43:33