Garmin Fenix 3 review

This review is based upon my personal experiences with the watch.


It's tough as hell. You can hit it and bash it and the worst thing that happens is you graze the fascia. I once hit it on the side of the swimming pool and I just got a small graze on the front plate.

It supports WiFi and Bluetooth upload. I only have WiFi configured for a few places but it's great to get back from a run and it's already uploaded. I wish it was easier to configure an access point, maybe through the app, as I don't use a Windows or Mac so I can't run the Garmin Express software.

It's configurable. I have the screens set up for the things I care about and still don't use half the features it had.


Sometimes the GPS flakes out. Unless you start in a place close to your last activity, acquiring a GPS signal takes a long time. I have also had problems using it during Open Water Swimming where the logged GPS points bounce all over the place.

I can never seem to get the swimming records to work.

My uncle had to take it apart to replace the micro switch powering the Enter button. My button also feels different recently, which I hope isn't the same issue.