Flying to Da Nang

It probably seems I'm moving around too quickly. I only spent 5 days in Ho Chi Minh City and then I left again. However, I think it's important I find out what kind of place I like before slowing down and dedicating myself to living in each place for a longer period.

I liked Ho Chi Minh City but it was becoming too hot. The temperature was around 34C but with humidity, it was hitting around a 40C feels-like temperature. I was also finding it hard to run and I didn't fancy spending hours on a treadmill. I knew domestic flights to other places were pretty cheap so on Monday I checked out of my hostel, got the 5000₫ bus back to the airport and bought a ticket to Da Nang, a seaside city 600km up the coast.

The flight was only 1:05 hours and I somehow had a quick nap on the plane. I was up until 02:00 because of an incident in my hotel so I was pretty tired.

I arrived in Da Nang in the late afternoon. I booked a hotel through Agoda and walked through the city to the beach. Later that night I ate Phở Gà, with a Pepsi for 50000₫ ($2.11).

My hotel was situated 1 street back from the main coastal road. Hotels were super cheap -- around $12/n for a private room near the beach.

The beach here is gorgeous. It runs up and down for most of the length of the coast. At night, locals sit along the wall and listen to the waves lapping on the beach. I found a beach yoga group who meet up every night.

There is a mountain at the north-east of the city, rising up about 700m in elevation. There are a few roads up to the top so I hope to run up it sometime soon.

Unfortunately I only got 1 month visa for Vietnam so I can only stay here for around 3 more weeks but I already think it's a great place and will probably come back in the future.