Website Optimization

An overhaul of your website and server to provide the optimum performance.

This is the most popular service I offer clients. You may have seen the many testimonials and graphs I publicize everywhere.

The service starts with a Website and Server Audit to capture the state of the current site, and to see what needs to be improved.

My work applies to nearly all types of sites, including those built on WordPress, Shopify, Laravel, Magento, Ruby-on-Rails, NodeJS.

Some of the areas that are improved include:

I have always seen an improvement from my work and my clients see the benefits in many aspects of their business.

Recently worked on optimizing the loading speed of a Shopify e-commerce store. Just my changes alone (which included a 40% drop in load time) increased their conversion rate by 26% from 1.8% to 2.3% 🤑

— Daniel Lockyer (@DanielLockyer) August 30, 2019

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