Server Management

What I will do:

I currently look after dozens of servers, receiving millions of visitors a month. I am trusted with confidential data, and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Please use the form below to book a call with me, or email me to see what I can do for you.


Can’t I rely on the hosting provider support?

No. They are unlikely to help you with application specific problems or server configuration. They can take a while to respond, and aren’t familiar with the specifics of your setup. Having a specific person to go to with problems is a huge help.

Can you guarantee the server will never go down?

I wish I could. The unfortunate truth is that some things are out of my control. Hosting providers sometimes experience hardware problems which they can only resolve. That said, if that happens, I’ll be straight in contact with them to figure out a solution to bring the site back up.

Is it just you?

At the minute, yes. I may bring on other members to my team in order to provide greater support capabilities.