Relearning to cube

Yesterday I bought a Rubik's cube to learn more about them and to become faster at solving it.

I originally got a cube in high school because my maths teacher said he'd give £5 to the first person who learned how to solve one. It didn't take me long to embed the beginner method into muscle memory and before long I could regularly do it under 1 minute. My fastest ever solve was ~30 seconds but I got lucky with the scramble.

It was quite a good party trick at school. People would take the cube behind their back to scramble it, thinking that I'd be able to memorise their moves if they did it in front of me. After a while, I dropped off and I'm still not even sure where my old cube is.

It's quite interesting picking up a cube again 9 years after I solved one. A lot of the muscle memory is still there, but I spent the first couple of hours performing the wrong moves at the wrong time. Today I went for a walk with it and completely forgot one sequence. When I got back, I could do it again.

My muscle memory and solving strategy is still based on the beginner method, with some shortcuts thrown in there, and I definitely solve it like a beginner – I twist the cube around all over the place. I'd like to learn the Fridrich (CFOP) method, which is generally used by the majority of speedcubers.

I did actually buy the official one, which isn't great and can be pretty slow to solve, but it was easy to purchase on a weekend without waiting for delivery from online. If I deem the cube to be the limiting factor, I can look at getting another one.

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