DevOps engineer & ultra runner

What benefits do I offer my clients?

I work with clients to improve the performance of their website. So - what benefits do I offer to them?

1. More time

Server maintenance and website optimization are important but time-consuming processes. They are often ignored in order to prioritise other activities but are some of the simplest ways you can grow your business.

Let me worry about how to optimize your sites and give your users a better experience. I have worked with many clients over the years and have solved their problems quickly and effectively.

2. More money

I often have clients renting servers with the capabilities of a supercomputer. Many sites use a fraction of these resources, therefore wasting a lot of money.

I have optimized the configurations to reduce the server requirements, and migrated them to a lower cost alternative.

My work on e-commerce sites has ranked them higher in Google search results, leading to more customers coming to the site. I have also seen conversion ratios increase by providing users with a better experience.

3. A faster site

I have worked with dozens of clients to improve the performance of their site. There are many examples on my homepage but some of the highlights include:

  • IndieTraveller - CPU usage dropped from 220% to 10%, total page load dropped from 4.4s to 2.9s (-34%) and time-to-first-byte (TTFB) reduced from 0.9s to 0.2s (-77%).
  • PaleoGreenEats - CPU usage dropped by 60% and TTFB dropped from 651ms to 251ms (-61%).
  • VloggingPro - Response time dropped from over 1000ms to 400ms (-60%) and total download time dropped from 498ms to <100ms (-80%)

4. A secure server

Security is one of those things that people don't worry about until it's an issue. Getting hacked loses the trust of your users and will disrupt the entire business until it is sorted.

I ensure the server and software are up-to-date and meeting the latest standards.

5. A trustworthy contact

I have been trusted with sites handling millions of users and receiving millions of dollars. I share what I am doing each step of the way and can be easily contacted.

6. Someone passionate

I love to make my clients happy by doing everything I can to optimize their sites. Most of my spare time is spent researching new technologies and finding ways to further optimize sites.

I contribute to open source projects dedicated to software performance and have created several tools related to my work.

I can optimize your website - get in touch!