Website & Server Audit

How it works:

Step 1: Find out your problems.

We have a quick chat to enable me to find out what your problems are. Site too slow? Server crashing? Costs too high? I will find you a solution.

Step 2: Look at your tech.

I take a look at your server, website, hosting provider, analytics and error logs. Most problems I see are similar in nature and I can normally pinpoint the issues straight away.

Step 3: Write a report.

I don't want to waste both our time with bloated nonsense so I deliver a concise report with the actionable details.

Step 4: Follow up!

We'll set a date for a follow-up, to see how the changes helped. This is your opportunity to ask any remaining questions, and get my advice on future improvements.

By implementing the points in the report, you can expect:

  1. a faster website
  2. a more maintainable infrastructure
  3. potential cost savings
  4. a higher conversion rate

The report will not contain:

The changes may include:

The report will be ready within 7 days from having access to everything.

Please email me to see what I can do for you.


Can't I just use <this online tool>?

Probably. In fact, I'll probably use them too. But there are many things these tools cannot pick up, and some of the things they'll recommend that only provide marginal benefits. Your time is better spent going straight to the root of the problem and fixing it.

Can you fix it for me?

Yes! I offer this service because many businesses already have developers who can fix the issues. If you'd like me to do it, head over to the Website Optimization page.

Can you give guarantees on performance improvements?

Somewhat. I can guarantee you will see a benefit from my suggestions but I am unable to give <X seconds off> statements until you have implemented it.