Daniel Lockyer

Nomad List & Remote OK

Maintaining these sites, which receive over 800,000 monthly visitors, since 2015.

"I have been able to focus on growth and development of my sites instead of maintenance and updates."

Pieter Levels


Daniel helped move VloggingPro from a shared host to a dedicated server with zero downtime and in the process updated it to the newest version of PHP, set up HTTPS and other optimizations. His work resulted in a 60% decrease in response time, 80% decrease in download time and my server bill was cut in half.


Indie Traveller

"If you're wondering why you should hire a server guy, Daniel is your answer. He analyzed my setup and dramatically reduced server load (in the 80-90% range). Not only was my site a lot faster, but I could move to a cheaper plan for my VPS."

Marek Bron


"Daniel helped me create a server config to generate sub-pages dynamically. He thinks of all the potential problems and was quick in his conclusions. Totally recommend him!"

Andrey Azimov

The Book Cover Designer

"Daniel has helped me get my server back up and running twice now, and both times he was very quick to fix the problem after jumping in. He has also helped me reduce my CPU load and generally optimise my website/server for speed. I'm very happy with his work and would recommend him if you're looking for a 'server guy'."

Charlie Livingston


Reduced the time-to-first-byte from 1.1s to 0.4s (-64%) and total page load time from 4.7s to 1.9s (-60%).

"Daniel helped me get Landingfolio's load time much faster. Highly recommend this guy!"

Danny Postma

Whole Design Studios

Improving the loading time & performance of Shopify sites. Common results are reducing load time by 40%, page size by 25% and number of requests by 35%.

The decrease in page load time gives a higher Google search ranking, a better user experience and more conversions.

Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Upgraded this WordPress site from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2. CPU usage dropped by 60% and time-to-first-byte dropped from 651ms to 251ms (-61%).

The faster load time is more favorable to Google and led to more traffic.


Updated WordPress and plugins, set up static caching with Cloudflare, upgraded PHP to 7.2 and optimized asset loading.

The site loads 2x faster, providing a better experience to customers.

First Internet

Maintaining the client servers for this leading UK web development & SEO agency. An upgrade to their software reduced the time-to-first-byte by up to 64% across 70+ sites.


Upgraded and configured the Wordpress installation to result in a 78% lower time-to-first-byte and a 66% reduction in total page load time.


Dropped their slowest page load time from 30s+ to 4s after implementing suggestions I gave during a consulting session.

Fixed the core functionality of the website to make it usable for customers.

A custom application I worked on for a client had a dramatic reduction in total page load time.

By lazy loading non-important content, the initial page size dropped by 63% and the number of requests dropped by 24%.


The blog has an RSS feed, tags list and full post listing.


Cron Heatmap - Visualize your cron jobs, see the “hot spots” and reduce server load with this tool.

Upgrade your PHP - PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are now unsupported. They will not receive important future security updates and do not contain the performance benefits that the latest versions provide. Learn about the issue on this site.

LaunchTests - Many sites contain key issues that stop their growth or shareability. Check for them using this tool.